Friday, June 12, 2015

How to start ASP.NET 5 Development on OS X Mac

It is the day when Microsoft @ BUILD conference in 2015 announced the availability of Visual Studio Code to allow OS X and Linux Developers to tap into .NET development

I am writing this blog post to show in step by step from ,net development perspective how to install and configure your macbook pro to have VS and starting developing and debugging applications.

Here is what you need to get you up and running:

1) Install Visual Studio Code:
It is a straight forward installation as we used for all MS products installation. Once you install it you will be able to run the VS Code as shown above.

2) Install Homebrew for managing missing packages for OS X:
You need to open the Terminal window and type (copy & paste) below command:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

This command install homebrew which is the missing package manager for OS X. It is same as Nuget console manager we do have in VS in windows to install any needed packages to our projects.

homebrew homepage url:

Below screen shot show brew installation in the terminal window.

Once you hit enter, it will ask to enter your password and hit enter.
below show the completion of brew installation.

3) Install 5 and DNX:
Run the following 3 commands to install and DNX:

brew tap aspnet/dnx
brew update
brew install dnvm
Below screen shot shows the successful installation of DNX and ASP.NET on my macbook pro.

Now we have Mono, 5 is installed on our MacBook Pro! Hooray...

There is not further steps to do, but if you want to test compiling, debugging and running apps. You can install samples from github:

This sample contains console app, mvc and aspnet web app.
Below link shows you how to run the samples as well:

Hope this helps!

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