Friday, June 19, 2015

What is npm ? How to get started with npm with Visual Studio 2015

This blog post is for following audience:
a) Microsoft stack and .NET developers.
b) New developers using Apache Cordova.
c) An engineer who has not been using any open source tools in Visual Studio.

This blog post will answer the following questions:
1) What is npm ?
2) Why would i use it ?
3) How to use it ?

npm is a package manager for: JavaScript, Node, Cordova, JQuery, mobile, angular, react and other famous JavaScript libraries and frameworks.

You will use npm when you want to install any js library or framework in your Visual Studio project. For example: if you want to install node.js, Cordova js libraries or any other js library such as: ionic or react!

To get npm js package manager, you need first to install Node.Js which contains npm package manager tool.

Once you download and install the installer, you would have npm package manager tool in your system!

How to use it?
Open your command line after you installed node.js installer and type the following to install ionic framework:

npm install -g cordova ionic

Hope this helps you how to get started using npm package manager!

-- ME

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