Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Learn AngularJS for free to build web and mobile apps at scale

AngluarJS is a modern JavaScript library to build enterprise web and mobile applications at scale. AngularJS is widely used JS library by all frond end and web developers worldwide in different programming languages to build scalable web and mobile applications.

AngularJS is a library backed by Google. Microsoft started to support AngularJS with great IntelliSense in VS developer tools including the following templates:

a) VS Web project templates including web forms & mvc templates.
b) VS Hybrid cross platform mobile app using Apache Cordova

Today you can start building AngularJS applications in Visual Studio 2013 and 2015.

To learn AngularJS basics before jumping into code. Microsoft offers a free course in Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA):

This course is a great start to understand the basics of AngularJS.

Also, there is a free course on AngularJS website, here is some links to learn AngularJS:

** If you live in DC metro area,  I will be covering basics of AngularJS along with Building Cross platform mobile apps using Cordova, link to the event (7/15):

Hope this helps.

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