Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Build Intelligent Solutions using Azure

Hi All,

Last night i was honored to present to one of our local user groups in DC about how to build intelligent solutions using Azure.

In this session, I was illustrating different scenarios and practical approaches on building microservices that are elastic and resilient into the cloud. I covered with a practical use case on how to build cloud services that have web and worker roles that integrates with services bus queue as an intercommunication channel between web and worker roles. Also, I covered how to add web jobs into web roles into cloud services as well.

The second part of the presentation was covering Azure App services including: web apps, mobile apps, logic apps and api apps. Then , I covered lots of intelligent features that Azure offers to build intelligent solutions from backup automation, continuous integration, traffic routing, troubleshooting features and deployment slots.

Session Description is below:

The session covers how to build web, mobile, Api solutions using Microsoft Azure platform. The session covers in detail how to build intelligent solutions using Azure App Service. Azure App Service includes web apps, logic apps and mobile apps services as PaaS solutions for engineers. The session is a demo driven and demonstrate how to design and provision complete end-to-end solutions using Microsoft intelligent cloud.

Build intelligent solutions using ms azure from Mostafa Elzoghbi

Case Manager Demo code is on GitHub:

At the end of the event, I had some giveaways that are IoT sensor Kits and "Fundamentals of Azure" books. Most audience asked about how to get the pdf of this book, here is the download link:

Fundamentals of Azure book download link

Hope this helps.

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