Thursday, February 11, 2016

MySQL Data Source not appearing in Visual Studio 2015 - A complete solution

Hi All,

I was trying to upgrade my solution in VS 2015 Community Edition to use latest MySQL .NET connector with VS integration tools.

After i upgraded my provider to version 6.9.8. I was not able to see MySQL provider as a data source when i run Reverse Engineer Code First tool for EF to refresh my classes with my latest DB changes.

First, If you can't see entity framework when you right click on your project. Make sure that you have installed EF Power tools for VS 2015. Here is the link to download it since Microsoft has not officially released VS 2015 release of this tool.

**Entity Framework Power tools for Visual Studio 2015: download link

Once you install this tool, You should be able to view entity framework option with Reverse Engineer Code first option on your project.

Second thing, you have to see MySql data source so you can connect to MySql db and refresh your classes. below screen shot shows MySql data source.

To be able to to see MySQL data source as shown above, you need two components to be able to connect to MySQL db from VS 2015:

1) MySQL Connector/Net
2) MySQL for Visual Studio

You can get them both by installing MySQL installer that allow you to installer any MySQL components into your machine.

Tip: After installing these two components, you need to close and re-open your VS 2015 to get to see the new loaded MySQL data source.


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