Friday, May 06, 2016

Build Interactive Analytics using Power BI

Hi All,

I was happy to speak at SyntaxCon conference at Charleston, SC. I had great conversations with speakers, organizers and attendees about Tech scene in Charleston. It was my pleasure giving my talk about Power BI and interactive analytics.

** Session Title: Build Interactive Analytics using Power BI

** Session Details:
The talk will cover how to build interactive analytics, dashboards and reports in PowerBI. Using multiple data sources, synchronization schedule and sharing capabilities in PowerBI. The PowerBI web and client tool provides sophisticated tools for non-technical users to build interactive dashboards.
The session will be demo driven and will cover different use cases that use multiple data formats and sources.
-- PowerBI client tool & web capabilities
-- Interactive Dashboards and Reporting.

-- Platform capabilities such as sharing, scheduling and more.

** Presentation:

Thanks for who attended my session and asked cool questions.


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