Friday, May 13, 2016

Data Science essentials in Azure ML

Hi All

I have the opportunity today to speak at RevolutionConf at Virginia Beach.

RevolutionConf is a one-day, platform and language agnostic, software development conference being held on May 13, 2016 in Virginia Beach, VA.

I had so much fun with chatting and speaking with speakers and attendees. The schedule has variety of topics, technologies and platforms talks. I am impressed and loved to be here with the crowd.

I'm glad to be a speaker at the first time RevolutionConf event and looking forward to the upcoming event next year.

Special thanks for organizers, volunteers and attendees to have such an amazing event.

Here is my presentation and talk details:

Topic: Data Science Essentials in AzureML
In this session i am covering data science principals such as: Regression, Clustering, Classification, Recommendation and how to build programmable components in Azure Machine Learning experiments using data science programming languages. The session shows and illustrate how to implement these concepts using Azure ML studio.

Data science essentials in azure ml from Mostafa Elzoghbi

** Free e-book “Azure Machine Learning”

** Azure Machine Learning documentation

** Data Science and Machine Learning Essentials

Thanks all and hope this helps.

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