Monday, June 20, 2016

Python for .Net Developers

Hi All,

I have been working with Python recently and i would like to share a quick and easy tutorial to learn Python for developers with OOP experience such as: C#, JAVA or .Net experience.

This is a mini course, gets you up to speed to start developing in Python with no prior knowledge because it covers what every developers wants to know for Python programming language basics.

Here is my takeaways of this tutorial:

1) Python uses indentation for code execution, Python doesn't use curly brackets for opening and closing functions, classes..etc as in C# or Java. So it is preferred to use tabs than spaces while coding.

2) You can use lists ([]), dictionaries ({key:value}), tuples (()), and sets (set([list])) for storing collections in code. Use an appropriate option as in your code case. Sets items has no duplicates. Tuples are immutable (Once it is created, you can't change it).

3) You can create main function as we do in Java or C# console apps as an entry point for your program.

# Main Function
if __name__ == '__main__':        

4) You can include other files in your python file by adding import statement: import myotherfile, note do not include .py in the name of your python file.

5) You can define classes and functions in Python. also, you can create instance and static variables for class members.

class Person:
    population = 0
    def __init__(self, myAge):
        self.age = myAge        --> Instance Variable
        Person.population += 1  --> Static Variable 

6) You can use Visual Studio Code as a development IDE to code in Python. Download & install VS Code for free and then install Python & Python VS Code extension. Here is the steps:

a) Download Visual Studio Code for free:
b) Install Python on your machine:
c) Open VS Code, Press F1 and then type install extension and hit enter and then type: python. VS Code provides intellisense & debugging capabilities for Python.


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