Thursday, June 16, 2016

Unleash the power of office add-ins with Office Development Patterns and Practices

Hi All,

I was pleased to speak at Cap Area .NET SharePoint Special Interest Group user group yesterday.
In this presentation i covered the underlying concepts of extending office applications and how Microsoft is supporting the component architecture by enabling web extensiblity framework (WEF); hence the WEF is the core runtime platform for building web based extensions or addins to office applications.

I covered the following topics:
1) Office Add-Ins overview: Add-ins shapes/types, runtime framework, anatomy of office add-in.
2) Building Office Add-Ins using open source tools such as: Yeoman tool ( provides a scaffolding platform for office addins templates. while when creating an add-in using yeoman tool you will be able to use any text editor to develop your office add-in.

2) VS tools for Office Add-ins: this covers updated tools in Office Developer tools in VS 2015 version 2 that contains web addins and VSTO templates as well.

Code Samples:
1) UPS Tracker Add-in on Github is here.
2) Using Yeoman Tool for building Office Add-ins:


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